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My Quick Thoughts on Ch2 : Watanagashi-hen - Mion's Feelings

2021.10.27 12:44 smashtilDawn My Quick Thoughts on Ch2 : Watanagashi-hen - Mion's Feelings

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2021.10.27 12:44 MBAgirl2017 Do men in LDR like it when their girlfriend says they miss them?

I'm in an LDR with my guy. COVID tore us apart and we have not seen each other in 1.5(!) years. We've agreed to see each other once the restrictions in travel lift.
I recently expressed to him, in a very light manner (although my voice was shaking a bit), that I've been feeling frustrated with the distance because I'm aching to see him and touch him. That I don't blame him or myself for the distance, it's the situation. That I'm saying this because I don't want to build resentment so I want to express how I feel. I asked him how he felt, he said he also feels the frustration, very straight forward, but we'll just wait it out.
I'm quite an anxious person, so being this vulnerable really scares me because I'm scared I looked needy and pushed him away. Does this bring you closer to your LDR gf or freak you out?
TLDR: Do men in LDR like it when their gf is vulnerable with their emotions?
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2021.10.27 12:44 Brave-Bet1011 Crew de la memè

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2021.10.27 12:44 naughtkhalifa1 Who did this?

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2021.10.27 12:44 MusicArt-RRR Rain Relaxing Sound for Sleeping & Studying - صوت المطر للنوم والدراسة |...

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2021.10.27 12:44 johnfacner How’s the sound quality compared to the 2nd gen Airpods. Is it worth it for $60?

How’s the sound quality compared to the 2nd gen Airpods? And how’s that ANC. I can get the nothing ear (1) for just $60 after discount.
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2021.10.27 12:44 JiggyNutter Who here remembers this guy?

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2021.10.27 12:44 600-shot-of-autism 2012 Kia Sorento with 608,061 miles on it rolled into the shop today

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2021.10.27 12:44 ss_217 I’m having an issue buying rare gear (lv. 130) from the store in-game, I have enough diamonds but I keep getting an error about insufficient coupons?

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2021.10.27 12:44 Illustrious_Wear_408 Reasons I want a divorce.

I genuinely fear for my life because I think one day you're going to decide to be "scared" and call the police. And of course they're going to take your side.
They're not going to see the years of emotional abuse you've put me through.
They're not going to see every time you've made me feel like shit even though I'm working myself to death trying to support our family. You know, because I didn't sign a piece of paper the exact moment you wanted me to sign. Or because I took too long at the store.
None of the circumstances matter. Just results. Just, I didn't do the thing you wanted when you wanted.
Oh and let's just forget me working 60+ hours a week, 2 hours away from home for the past 6 years, when you've been able to work from home. What you really need is a long vacation away from me. Oh you can take the kids. No no, they're not too much work. It's me you need to get away from, right?
No? You don't want to get away from me? Oh yeah, I remember. You really just want to stay with your mom for a while. That's all it is. Your mom that you constantly complain about. Your mom that you say is the reason you left home at a young age.
Yeah she's the reason you want to stay away so long. Oh and you'd looooooove for me to be along with you, but it's just a shame I've gotta work. Compromise? No, that's not a thing. Either I get my way or you get yours, right? Taking the absolute maximum allowable number of days off and even begging my boss for unpaid time off so our family can stay together and you can still see your mom? Me not having sick days for the rest of the year and having to go in even when I twisted my ankle and have to limp all over a 100,000 square foot warehouse; that's me getting my way.
You misunderstand every single emotion I have.
Passion? That sounds like anger. Nobody talks loud unless they're angry, right?
Laughter? Nope, must be hysterical. Something wrong with me. Nobody laughs that much at...a joke.
Sadness? Must just be tired. Nobody hangs their head like that when they're sad.
I'm scared to death that I'm gonna have a bad day at work, come home looking for a hug or a shoulder to cry on and you're gonna decide that I'm being "aggressive" because my sad face just looks too "mean" for you that day, and of course, I was walking towards you. Must be an impending attack. Right? No other way to interpret that. Then you're gonna call some hyper violent cops and I'm gonna die and you're gonna be the one telling the story of your "crazy husband who scared you"
You say you're happy. You say you love me. You say you can't imagine life without me. But every moment I'm with you is nothing but selfishness, entitlement, and lack of any type of emotional support. I get it, some people just aren't good at that stuff. But does saying that mean you don't even have to try? Ever?
And that's to say nothing of how absolutely disgusting you leave the house. You do a load of dishes and what? You're done? I finished work running around the factory floor all day, I'm on my 6th load of laundry, I just deep cleaned the bathroom and I'm not even sitting down yet. But yeah, I'm sure you need a break after those 8 grueling hours sitting at your desk, staring at your phone, waiting for the 5 customers you get in a day. Must be exhausting.
I've literally destroyed my entire life for you on more than one occasion. I keep disrupting my life's plan to try to make you happy, and all I ask is that you try to enjoy the life we're creating together. Honestly, if you can't even manage that, then I really don't know what we're doing together.
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2021.10.27 12:44 joanitasilvini Reflection on being GHOSTED (GIRL point of view - BIIIIIG TEXT)

I'm a 21 yo girl and i was ghosted for the first time in june (5 months ago) by an ex college "friend" (i'm using "" because i feel like we were never really friends, or at least he never thought of me like one). Its easy for me to make friends and i like to get along with everyone. I think i have a good balance between my extrovert and introvert sides. Although i get along with everyone, i dont have a lot of close friends, i just like being nice and cheerful, thats my personality.
I never dated in my life and i never really searched for that. When i have a crush on someone, i'm usually the type of person who just looks at them but doesnt interact because i get too shy. When i started college I wanted to make it different. At the same time i'm a very needy person. I never dated, never had a casual relationship (i dont like them because i know i will be attached to the person and i will end up being hurt) so basically i dont have any experience in love, but i'm needy which is fucked up. In friendships this needy side of me doesnt show up, i never had problems in my friendships.

What i hate about this is that he gave me a lot of mixed signals, i truly thought that we were friends. I even unburdened with him one day on the phone because of how confortable i felt speaking with him, we spent a lot of the time together the whole semester. At the end he just treated me like someone he met through tinder or something, i was just an option he had i guess.
This is my fault too because honestly, i got attached at this idea of being friends with a person who made me feel bad 2 times believing that he would "change" and be my friend, so i'm a true clown here. I had an idealization of him that I created on my own (he didnt help too) and that made me blind for 3 years. I wanted to be his friend, but he never wanted that but i still created in my head the idea that it was possible and he wanted to.
What i also think it happened is that my needy side found someone who gave me a lit bit of attention and because of that my brain went like "hmm, i like this crumbs let me search for more", and i looked for attention from the 1st person who gave me waiting that something good would come.
That makes me also think that i actually always had a crush on this person (that explains why i wanted more attention) but my brain found this "being friends" excuse for me to act clown on purpose and try to realize this idealization i created in my head.
But i dont want to put all the blame on myself. The way he acted, hot and cold, made me very confused and it kinda lead me to this clown position. Maybe unconsciously he acted in a very manipulative way. If he doesnt want to be my friend or spend time with me, why act like a friend at first and then say "NEXT TIME"? He knows theres NO next time, thats confusing. When people say this, the other person stays in hopes and thats the worst, why hold someone by your side like that if you dont want anything with them?
If he told me how he felt and what he thought all this time, i wouldn't have been a clown for so long. I always showed him my intentions. I hate this "ghosting" thing (that it's more and more normalized) because it looks like people stopped communicating with each other, they cant be honest anymore and its annoying. It hurts more if you ignore them and makes them more clingy to you.
Now i was ghosted and thinking of seeing him one day gives me anxiety while he's happy with his girlfriend, not knowing how fucked up mentally people get for being treated this way, thanks.....
I dont want this to happen again! This was my first time and i dont want this to be the beginning of a circle. Knowing that i'm needy and attached easily to someone (in a romantic way) how can i stop this from happening again??
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2021.10.27 12:44 HRM_Phoenix App has blackout areas?

I don't use wifi when I dash. Found it to be problematic at times.
But there are areas in my zone where the app will NOT function properly. It's not my phone cause all my other apps work perfect in the same areas.
I've had to call support on multiple occasions to have them mark an order picked up and/or dropped off, and with the long delays to get a rep, it's hurt my stats at times in spite of me asking of they'll adjust.
I've done all the trouble shooting they offer.
This bothers me cause there are restaurants I now know I can't ever accept from (which also hurts stats if I've dropped off around there and now have to decline it since I know it won't work correctly) and I have to decline offers if I know that they're being delivered to those same areas.
Support doesn't seem to care even with numerous complaints on my part. (And don't get me started on the last call wherein they wouldn't get my name right even AFTER I corrected them).
Anyone else have the same issue?
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2021.10.27 12:44 KailTheDryad Apophis towered over us, his serpentine eyes filled with bitterness and hatred

“Torture me no longer!” He tearfully begged, as we drained even more of his dark power to strengthen our own.
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2021.10.27 12:44 Treantpaladin7 Do all things without murmurings and disputings: Phil 2:14 (some versions say complaining. Any thoughts on this verse? Does this apply to reactions on injustice, wrong doings, protests? Does ‘all’ mean some of everything?)

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2021.10.27 12:44 PurpleFine4935 What they deal with in the JRPG community...

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2021.10.27 12:44 yugoslavya Içinde 400 tane şarkı olan karışık bir playlist atsanıza

Beyler ben aşağılık kompleksi olan ağır bi gerizekalıyım ve bu hoşlandiğım kızla sohbet ederken bende 400 sârkılık bir playlist olduğunu söyledim kızda benden akşam snapten atmamı istedi beyler yardım çabuk bi playlist atın türü farketmiyor
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2021.10.27 12:44 ManhuaZ Demon Spirit Seed Manual Chapter 322 - ManhuaZ 🔝

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2021.10.27 12:44 AvitheTVGeek Elizabeth Holmes Totally Fooled Betsy DeVos and Pumped Her Family For Millions, Says Witness

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2021.10.27 12:44 iTouches | just saw this on Facebook comment.

pasta lava
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2021.10.27 12:44 Theelout POV:you’ve uncovered a scheme to murder your favourite councillor

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2021.10.27 12:44 Irvine_Wilkerson Upcoming Town Hall on Great Park Development

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2021.10.27 12:44 hatylotto Newbie Blind Review #7: The Coalition Invasion Arc (257-356)

Kingdom, I have few words to give for an introduction for this review. When talking about arcs like this one, that are so highly-acclaimed by fans of the series (and manga fans in general), it can be difficult to gather all your thoughts appropriately. It certainly was for me.
But my friends, what I can tell you that this arc truly shifted my entire perspective on Kingdom, and what this epic story has slowly become over 300 chapters of action and intrigue.
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Ou Ki, Shin, Ei Sei, Kyou Kai, Tou
FAVORITE PANEL: https://imgur.com/a/HbrkqzU
Runner-Up Panel: https://imgur.com/a/1Tixlta
Well, where to even begin? This arc was beyond "good" or "great"-- it was the culmination of everything that we had read up to this point. Everything was at stake. The story world as we knew had been blown right open, as we got to meet major players from all of the six states. Some of the most epic battle scenes in the entire story take place. The climax was insanity. The Coalition Arc had just about everything you could want.
So far this is without a doubt the best arc in Kingdom. I have to reread it, but I can say that this is probably one of the best manga arcs that I have ever come across. In terms of pacing and execution-- it is near flawless. In time, it might even earn a spot up with my personal favorites (Golden Age, Water 7/Enies Lobby, Farming, Chimera Ant.) We'll see.
Favorite Moments My goodness, does all of it count?
First, I have to mention the scene at the beginning when the Qin officials learn that they are being invaded by literally all of China. Every single time a new messenger rushed in to make a new report, the amount of overwhelming dread that oozed out of each panel was gripping. This was coupled perfectly by seeing the Hi Shin Unit look out in horror as they can see multiple advancing armies marching into Qin territory and burning down cities. It was a perfect start to this arc that set the tone beautifully.
Then we have the second best fight in the entire series so far-- Mou Bu vs. Kan Mei. Holy Christ I remember losing my mind when Mou Ten got cut by Kan Mei and Mou Bu just literally destroys his head in one blow. Insane. Other moments I liked included Kan Ki tricking the soldiers in the siege tower into thinking it was on fire, Duke Hyou's last words to Shin, and also Shin cutting down Man Goku (that creepy bastard.)
However, the best stretch of this story was obviously the battle of Sai. Sei and Shin being able to stop Ri Boku and overcome the worst of odds was just.... ugh it was so good. Those 20 or so chapters had me glued to my phone. I loved how there were so many parallels to the very first arc-- the mountain people coming to the rescue; Sei, Shin, and Ten all fighting together; a battle to decide the fate of Qin; etc. My second favorite moment was witnessing Shin turn into an absolute monster against Hou Ken. That page where it shows everybody who's relying on Shin, including that panel of Kyou Kai meditating on that cliff, right as Shin lands the first strike on Hou Ken-- absolute God-Tier scene.
But the best moment? It has to be Sei's epic speech. Oh my God. Honestly it's probably the best dramatic moment in the entire manga so far. The entire exchange between the citizens and Sei was so powerful, and just set the stakes so damn high. The dialogue of the speech itself is so compelling. And on top of that, Shin and Ten's reactions are perfect. It's truly a high point of the series.
Characters There were quite a few, so bear with me...

If you want my thoughts on somebody that I didn't mention, just ask me in the comments!
  1. Inherited Will: I really enjoy how the motif of Shin getting the weapons of generals who came before him is still a thing. First, Ou Ki's glaive, and now, Duke Hyou's shield. It's this idea that Shin is taking on the wishes and spirit of those that have passed, and is using it to fuel his journey to become a great general. It's a great concept, and I love when it shows up in fiction. This even extends somewhat to Shin's opponents as well-- just like how Rin Ko's spirit was behind him when he faced Ren Pa, or his promise to Man Goku.
  2. Leadership: I feel like some of the greatest generals we've seen in the story so far were all leaders who cared a great deal about their subordinates-- and treated them with respect. And now, we got to see the same thing with Sei humbling himself to speak to the people of Sai. Just like a general has to be able to inspire the hearts of thousands of soldiers, a great king has to be able to inspire his people too. I see a similar dynamic between Shin and his men as well, as if Shin is learning how to lead by example from people like Ou Ki, Sei, etc. It's always the ones who are willing to put aside their rank or status aside for the good of everyone that are portrayed in that light-- and it's something I'll continue to look for with Shin.
Thoughts, Details, + Criticisms I say it all the time, but the pacing in this series is phenomenal. From start to finish, this arc never let you go. Never once did anything feel too dragged out, or too short. In addition, the artwork just gets better and better-- so much that I even picked a runner-up panel this time! How on earth is this a weekly manga?!
The whole bracer splitting thing that happened during the Mou Bu fight was a neat detail. It honestly made me think that Mou Ten was going to die! Thank God he didn't-- I like Mou Ten. Also, we got to see some bad-ass war elephants! Huzzah!
This arc is just, ugh, it's so fucking good. I don't even know what else to say. There were just too many great moments. The contrast between the huge battle of Kankoku Pass and the last desperate stand at Sai just made this arc feel so well-rounded and balanced. One other thing I've been wanting to mention for a while is how good Kingdom is at creating and keeping tension. Anybody could die at any time, without warning-- and it works so well for the kind of story this is.
If I had to give any criticism, (and don't take this too seriously) I would have liked to spend some more time with Shin earlier on in the arc. There was so much going on, and so many fronts to check in on, that I almost forgot about him for a bit. I would have liked to see more of Shin and Duke Hyou together especially-- as I thought his death didn't hit as hard as the story was trying to make it seem. I'm mostly just nitpicking though, but it was something that was on my mind.
As I read prior arcs, I would often find myself thinking about other books and stories for comparison-- usually to try and get a grip on how Hara is trying to write his. However, I can't do that any longer. The Coalition Invasion Arc made me realize that Kingdom is its own beast, and has matured to a point where it really stands on its own.
Even though it relies on the appeal and character work of its main cast, Kingdom (in my opinion) achieves a much higher goal: to breathe life into an extremely exciting period of Chinese history-- which it does to almost near perfection. That is its main strength. It is through the perspectives of its characters that we are able to witness this history unfold, and all the weighty grandeur that comes along with it. There is a certain scope to this manga that is truly unique. What amazes me, is how cleverly Hara is able to consistently use warfare as a framework to capture the essence of the era and create a compelling narrative-- one that rivals (and maybe surpasses) even the best of war dramas.
And boy, can I not wait to see how it continues to unfold-- in all its blood-soaked glory...
Until next time! Thanks for reading as always, everyone!
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2021.10.27 12:44 SpanishMeme Y me creía un monstruo de otro planeta

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2021.10.27 12:44 Castiel_D37 I am really scared: 🗿🥒

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2021.10.27 12:44 datank4485 New reditor wanted proof here you go! Now you gtfoh!

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