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Dog mom

2022.01.20 04:14 SnooHobbies5691 Dog mom

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2022.01.20 04:14 ContributionFluffy12 Sexy young slut 😍💦

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2022.01.20 04:14 sprgsmnt România are un nou ambasador la NATO. Cine este Dănuț Sebastian Neculăescu

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2022.01.20 04:14 nikunjbhoraniya 5 Ways to Make Work More Effective visit for more Presentation

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2022.01.20 04:14 strway2heaven77 What's up with the fire investigation? When can we drive that cult out of town?

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2022.01.20 04:14 horseshoeoverlook I couldn't load my MyCareer — it just loads a loop saying Welcome to the 2021-22 NBA season

I play on steam and I was just drafted by the OKC Thunder. Whenever I try to play my first NBA game, the loading screen just keeps saying Welcome to the 2021-22 NBA season.
It just keeps looping like that and idk what to do
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2022.01.20 04:14 Professional-Sign-13 ITAP of someone else taking a picture

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2022.01.20 04:14 yodindintoatto WTF where Tom is a mafia leader and Harry calls him

It’s an alternate universe fic where Harry calls a hotline to get to a “contract killer” and it turns out the hotline is real. He hides it from his friends. It was a funny crazily series. There was another fic in the series where Tom gave Harry a lot of Lucius’ money to spend so he went around buying his friends crazy expensive gifts
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2022.01.20 04:14 ElfMatrix Elf Matrix Sneak Peek

via YouTube
#Metaverse #DeFi #GameFi #blockchain #BSC #Crypto #BNB #PlayToEarn #Airdrop #NFTs
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2022.01.20 04:14 natedoggcata Boston police officer facing drug charges in Grafton County

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2022.01.20 04:14 came1opard The decision to vaccinate is personal, but it has social implications

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2022.01.20 04:14 fuzzydice_82 KW 03 / 22 (Donnerstag): Was geschieht bei euch in der Region, wovon wir nichts mitbekommen?

Es ist wieder Donnerstag!
Willkommen zum hyperlokalen Diskussionsformat im extraordinären de! Auch diese Woche interessiert wieder was bei euch so abgeht, die Leute bewegt und trotzdem irgendwie nicht im Nachbardorf ankommt.
Rathauskungeleien, lokale Verbrecherbanden, Rentner die sich durch die Kommunalämter pöbeln - egal was, haut es raus!
Also was läuft bei euch im Haus / Block / Dorf / Stadt / Kreis / Landstrich grad grade /schief?
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2022.01.20 04:14 wavedrown9 [FRESH] Undeath - Rise from the Grave

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2022.01.20 04:14 hyliabunny Feeling absolutely depressed and clueless about my degree and counseling is out of reach. Advice?

I (22F) have been a part-time student at my community college since Fall '17 and am currently enrolled in an AA Liberal Arts program. My overall career goal is to be an English and Japanese translatointerpreter. I completed all the available Japanese classes a few semesters ago, so I've just been completing GenEd classes. Lately, I've been experiencing intense anxiety about where my time has gone, where it's going to, and if I've been wasting my energy.
I'm feeling generally lost about if I'm in the right program and what classes I should be taking. I've done research online for translators licenses and language degrees, but haven't found any useful info. I've never been able to meet with a counselor. Time slots for counseling appointments fill up so quickly that it is absolutely impossible to get scheduled (even more so since the pandemic started). They keep posting on their website and sending emails to students that "appointments are available" and they're "here to help you," but I've been trying since '18 and have gone nowhere. I've tried asking family, coworkers and friends for help, but nobody has been able to help.
Do I need to be enrolled in a completely different program for my career goal? Should I keep trying to meet with a counselor? Is there an outside source I can contact for help? Should I just continue on with a liberal arts degree and figure it out later? Has this been a waste of my time and effort?
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2022.01.20 04:14 AlphaQ_6ix9ine Many men probably wouldn't have turned to so stone if Medusa had bigger boobs.

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2022.01.20 04:14 IdontWannaDothis223 The average redditor "without" a moral compass, oooh I bet he watches so much gore and listens to joji :(

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2022.01.20 04:14 HauntingBowlofGrapes How to stop urethra pain and twitching? Tightness issue

TW for SA mention and sexual TMI ahead:
So a few days ago I was using a few toys and had issues inserting them more than usual. After several minutes of medium pain and being unable to insert any further I gave up. Even the smallest sized toy that always would fit wouldn't budge past the opening. Afterwards the pain in my vaginal opening went away after a couple of hours but was replaced by urethra pain, burning, burning while urinating, itching and twitching. My anus is also having weird random pains and twitching that usually only occur during my period. My period ended two weeks ago so it's not that. I assumed that it might be just a slight UTI (I get a lot of infections lately due to taking Prednisone) but the random shooting ass pain makes me believe it's something more. Also my urethra has never twitched at all before now.
I have a tightness issue/ possible vaginismus due to past sexual assaults but it's never been this bad in a while. I can't even insert a finger anymore. I'm also a vaginal virgin if that's relevant. I'm not stressed out, sad or panicking so I don't understand why this is happening. It's like my vagina hates me now or something. I'm very upset about this because I had made a lot of progress in the penetration department and now it's like I'm back at square one. Did I possibly pull a muscle or something? I'm going to my primary doctor next week to get a pap smear (that's probably a bad idea at the moment tbh) and I will bring this up. In the meantime how do I relieve this urethra cramping and twitching? This hurts a lot and it's annoying.
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2022.01.20 04:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.20 04:14 bpmasher An intro scenario for Godlike?

I have Donars Hammer, but I think it might be too difficult for a single player. I'm running this game for a buddy and I'd like a short and sweet scenario idea to showcase the best parts of this game.
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2022.01.20 04:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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